Review #87 - Highland Park 12 Year


The last of the 'Lost reviews' where I can't find the picture from the day I noted down the review.

Nose: Green apple, raw malt, brown sugar, buttered biscuit, honey, cream, lavender, a hint of grassy smoke like a far off prairie fire. 

Palate: Flamed orange peel, buttered toast with honey, burnt almonds. 

Finish: Pepper, cardamom, oak, bitter orange, burnt flowers. 

Final Thoughts: I still feel HP12 is the perfect starter single malt Scotch for anyone to try. There's enough going on it's not boring, but not so much it's overwhelming. There's peat, but not smack you in the face peat. There's a little of everything, and while it's not a stand out, it's nice and solid.

Would I buy this: I would! I like HP. If you can't tell by my hat.

Would I order this in a bar: It's a solid go-to if the bar doesn't have anything I would prefer.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Why not? Cheers!

Verdict: Thumbs up.


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