Review #85 - Caol Ila 7 yr Cask Strength Wine finish K&L Hepburn Choice


One of the lost reviews, I have the notes, but this is the only pic I can locate from my stash.

Nose: Warm peat, oak smoke, red currant, toasted oatmeal, fresh milled malt

Taste: Dry red wine, sweet malt, BBQ strawberries, hot smoke, a touch of salt, and some mineral earthiness. There's a lot going on. 

Finish: Shorter than I expected. Smoked salt, earthy umami, a bit of sweet vinegar, black pepper.  

Final Thoughts: I cannot believe I got this for 55 US dollars back when K&L shipped out of California. How freaking delicious. No idea what red wine they held in those finishing barrels, but it pairs well with the smoke and malt.

Would I buy this: Yes. So very yes.

Would I order this in a bar: Also very yes.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes, please!

Verdict: Yes. By which I mean Thumbs Up.


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