Review #84 - Plantation Jamaica 2002 Grand Terroir 13yr


Nose: Brown sugar, papaya, passion fruit, yellow cake, a hint of latex

Palate: Brown sugar, honeycomb, toffee, a touch of wax. 

Finish: Sweet, then bitter. Honey, then earthy almost creosote, that floats back to bitter earth. 

Final Thoughts: While not bad, it's sure not great. Like so many rums from Plantation the real joy has been buried under their Cognac cask finishing. 

Would I buy this: I no longer purchase anything from Plantation, and will not do so until they change some of their practices (see

Would I order this in a bar: Again, for the reasons given above, I would not.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass:  I would. While there are far better Jamaica rums available, there's nothing wrong with this. It just could have been better.

Verdict: Thumbs down, because of how drinking it makes me feel now. I purchased this prior to knowing how crap Maison-Ferrand was and my feelings towards all their products have soured the more I have seen.


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