Review #80 - Glenrothes 20 Cadenheads 1997 Bounty Hunter 56%


First, apologies for the terrible picture. I guess I was just overwhelmed by how amazing this was?

Nose: Roasted nuts, marzipan, peanuts, red plums, dark chocolate, leather. Just a hint of something like old mint.

Palate: Caramel, black pepper, sour cherry, cacao nibs, dark chocolate. Currants, sultanas, ginger and figs. Toffee, clotted cream.

Finish: Really long. Spicy pepper, then sweet. Caramel, burnt sugar, chocolate covered cherries, a hint of oak. Fading into pipe tobacco and leather.

Good lord, this is a delicious whisky.

Would I buy this: Yes. Under $200 USD, yes.

Would I order this in a bar:  Absolutely.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Thank you, may I have another if it's not too dear?

Verdict: Delicious. Big thumbs up.


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