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Review #74 - Bunnahabhain Staoisha Heavily Peated 3 Year Milroy

Nose: Lemon zest, light smoke, dry minerality, fresh cream, barley husks. Palate: Bright barley, light smoke, fresh ash, cut hay, honey, bright sweet apple, moss, ginger. Finish: Pale wood smoke, sweet fresh barley, light honey, vanilla. Verdict: This is surprisingly good for 3 year old scotch. It's fresh and bright, light and malty and smoky and vibrant. There's not a ton of complexity, but it's a fun dram! Would I buy this: Especially given the price, I absolutely would. Would I order this in a bar: Yes! Great value for a nice little smoky pour. Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Most definitely. Rating: ★★★