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Review #73 - Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey

Nose:  Tart fruits, a waft of peat, honey, sweet mash, a little wood smoke. I expected a bit more, the nose isn't very peaty, but the little peat there is subdues the rest. Palate : Malt, clean peat, honey, slight moments of tropical fruit that disappear quickly. The peat isn't very medicinal, but there's just a hint of something off with it, like melted plastic. Finish : Vegetal peat, wood smoke, sweet barley, honey. It's long, and fairly flavorful. The slightly metallic/chemically peat really comes through in the finish and kind of ruins it for me. Verdict : This isn't great. I know they sourced the peat for this from Scotland, I wish they used Irish peat instead, and released something at 46% rather than 40. As is, this is all the boring parts of irish whiskey and many of the flaws of peat with none of the brash fun parts. Would I buy this : I would not. Would I order this in a bar : No. Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass : Ye