Review #72 - Barrell Bourbon Batch #11

Nose: Vanilla and oak predominate. Hints of baking spices, especially allspice. Buttered corn, and something a little citrusy, like dried orange peels. A little brown sugar. It's an inviting and intriguing nose. The proof doesn't come across, even sticking my nose in and breathing deeply.

Palate: Cocoa, baking spices, vanilla, sweet corn, a little mineral, hints of cream. Sort of all over the place. Not unbalanced, but just doesn't work well together somehow.

Finish: Oak, floral Mexican cinnamon, toasted pecan, marshmallow, white pepper. Pretty nice. If it had slightly less wood to it that would be better. 

Verdict: 6 year old, 114.8 proof, and not bad, but Barrell has sure done better.

Would I buy this: Depending on the price, yes. Knowing what Barrell bourbons usually go for, no.

Would I order this in a bar: Maybe. Do they not have ECBP?

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Absolutely. It's pretty good.



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