Review #64 - Son of a Peat

This was mystery dram #2 of my 2018 Secret Santa swap. It's light as hell. Let's see what Santa has for me

Nose: Lemon peel, ashy smoke, green apple, pastry crust, milk caramel, seaweed

Palate: Hot ashy peat, nori, sea salt, cereal grain, vanilla, honeydew melon, green grape, butter caramel.

Finish: Long and full. Round. Light smoke, caramel sweetness, sea salt, a little woodiness.

Verdict: This is weird. It's like Caol Ila, but it's also like Bunnahabhain. The nose is light and lemony and smoky. There's some of that in the Palate too. But there all that Bunna-like caramel. And the peat is somehow light and hot but also like a long banked fire. It's weird. I'm going to guess it's an IB Bunna that's just off profile. It's sure as hell good. I'd buy this if it weren't too pricy.

Would I buy this: I would! It's honestly pretty good.

Would I order this in a bar: Yes!

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Definitely.

Rating: ★★★


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