Review #59 - Wathen's Barrel Proof Mystery

Nose: Vanilla, pale caramel, light oak, chamomile, a touch of acetone.

Palate: Slightly thin. Corn sweetness, a bit herbal, vanilla, allspice. It's not that hot, but the alcohol is more forward than I'd like.

Finish: Baking spices, sweetness. Then it gets woody quick. The wood in the finish is light and more than slightly bitter.

Verdict: This isn't bad, but it's sure not great. It tastes like a young rye or high rye bourbon, maybe? The finish really twists this negatively for me, it's not enjoyable. Bitter and woody in a not fun way. It starts out pleasant enough, and it's all downhill. It's like Mellow Corn with more vanilla but a sad bitter aftertaste.

Would I buy this: No, I would not.

Would I order this in a bar: Probably not.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes, but I might ask if they had anything else after the first.

Rating: ★★


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