Review #58 - Balcones True Blue Mystery Review

I received this as a blind review sample from LCBThrowaway. Let's see what he has for me!

Nose: Walnuts, red currants, sour cherries, dried leaves, Virginia pipe tobacco, vanilla. Palate: More than a bit hot. Leather, dried plums, vanilla, sweet hay, oak. Finish: Fairly long. Musty oak, nutmeg, pomegranate, vanilla, toffee. Drying more than sweet. Verdict: I have no idea what this is. It comes across as fairly hot to me. Lots of complexity, it's sweet and tannic, dry and fruity, all at the same time. High proof Bourbon of some stripe? There's far more wood here than I usually get, I'm feeling like it must have some age on it. Would I buy this: No, I wouldn't. It's interesting. But nto great. Would I order this in a bar: Maybe? It's a bit weird. I could see a mood that might call for this. Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Sure! It's not amazing, but there's nothing wrong with it. Rating: ★★


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