Review #55 - Jefferson Ridiculously Small Batch #10

A thank you to my friend Kevin for this sample!

Nose: Vanilla, cherry cough syrup, ethanol, mustiness, fresh cut oak, copper pennies, cola, cream corn.

Palate: Metallic and bright, vanilla, sharp woodiness like licking a board covered in sap.

Finish: Baking spices, metallic, vanilla, allspice, sweetness. Light and dry finish.

Verdict: This stuff is weird. It's like someone heard Bourbon described to them and used that description to make Bourbon. It's thin on the Palate, all bright things that are sharp. Not rich and delicious. The finish was the best part. I did not especially enjoy this. Well, keep experimenting, Jefferson!

Would I buy this: I would not.

Would I order this in a bar: Certainly not.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Am I being polite? Like, really polite?

Rating: ★


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