Review #50 - 2001 Chateau de la Grangerie 14 Year Old Armagnac

Armagnac! I love a nice armagnac. I know some people don't love brandies, but I especially have a real interest in armagnac.

Nose: Dark fruit, plums, fallen apples and warm sultanas and allspice.

Palate: Red berries and caramel. Bright tart cherries. Caramel vanilla poached pears with cinnamon.

Finish: Long. Warm wildflower honey. Sweet and sour mingled. Caramel and spices. Earthy. Hints of bay leaves or cedar at the tail end.

Verdict: This is simply delicious. Really an outstanding armagnac. Great balance of fruit, earth, and spice with enough odd things in little hints to keep it interesting.

Would I buy this: Yes! I'm so sad I didn't get a bottle.

Would I order this in a bar: Absolutely.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: For sure, and I would look upon them favorably.

Rating: ★★★★


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