Review #46 - Bookers Batch #C00-A-20

Nose: Vanilla, caramel, corn pudding, sweet biscuits, burnt sugar, Virginia pipe tobacco.

Palate: Dried corn, toasty oak, vanilla, allspice, roasted peanuts.

Finish: Very long. Peppered peanut brittle, sweet hay, cinnamon sugar.

Verdict: A very bourbony bourbon. This one had been sitting a while, this was nearly the end of the bottle. Nothing stands out as amazing, but it checks all the boxes. Vanila,, the Beam peanut, toasted sugar, some wood. The flavor is big, the mouthfeel is nice.

Would I buy this: At $55 a bottle, yes. Now that it's up to $75ish, I'd rather have Knob Creek Single Barrel or Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.

Would I order this in a bar:  If I wanted a big bourbon, it would be in contention.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Absolutely!

Rating: ★★★


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