Review #9 - Compass Box Oak Cross

Color: Early summer wheat. Bright gold. That's my photo in the link. Also, my daughter needs a good (metaphorical) slap for having put my glencairns in the dishwasher those two times, they're scratched to hell.

Nose: Pear and apple, almost like Asian pears. Lightly spicy. A bit of that smell brumalt gives, if you're a home brewer, where it's almost like honey but with a malt sort of backbone.

Palate: Light fruits, of the tart variety. Honey, a touch of sweet malt, cinnamon and tannins.

Finish: Short, wood followed by spicy sweetness, a bit of bread, and then a soft lingering spiciness.

Verdict: A great dram. By far the best blended malt I've ever had. Good balance, just lacking in body or it would be a delightful thing.

Rating: ★★★★


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