Review #4 - Talisker Storm

Review #4, NAS Talisker Storm

Color: Gold straw. Fairly certain this has been colored, as it just looks too perfect in the glass.

Nose: A little brine, a little cream. Maybe just a touch of pepper at the end?

Palate: Briny and thick with smoke. Just a touch spicy as well. Slightly metallic. Not so much a storm, but it feels unrestful. Like a sea after the storm, maybe? A flotsam and jetsam of flavors.

Finish: Oak, a touch of fire, then a touch of brine. Like a campfire put out with sea water. Mouth coating, but not in a bad way.

Verdict: ★★★

I rather like this. It's layered, but a bit unfocused. If you want something with a lot going on, it's good. The name is evocative of big bold flavors, but this is more like a tempest in a glencairn: A swirl of small somethings.


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