Review #37 - Johnny Walker Blue Label

Another blind review!

CalZeta sent me 4 blind samples as part of a contest. I had the entire week off, so I planned to post one for each day Tuesday through Friday. Instead I sampled them those days, then ran all the heck over getting things done and taking people to appointments. But that's okay! Thanks again CalZeta, you kicked off my vacation days. There was whiskey in the morning!

Blind Sample #1, I was so far off on it's embarrassing. I'll blame not having had many wheaters. #2 I did okay on. Here goes #3!

Thanks CalZeta!

Nose: Fruity grain, oak, touches of spice, fresh pastry, a little pine, and burnt orange peel.

Palate: Balanced. Too balanced, actually. Toffee, a bit of smoke, hay, and a nice solid maltiness.

Finish: Wildflowers, light dry smoke, fruitiness, honey, baking spices.

Verdict: This is all over the place. And none of the flavors come forward anywhere. My only guess based on that is that it's a blended malt of some kind? It's decent, but nothing shines, so it ends up being flat and uninteresting.

Would I buy this: Maybe? It's certainly not bad.

Would I order this in a bar: Given all the other options available I can't imagine why. Maybe to introduce someone to scotch if they'd never had it before?

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Sure! It's certainly not a bad dram. It's just unimaginative.



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