Review #31 - Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Not as bad, but my back is still in a state this morning. So, more Laphroaig is obviously the answer! Here's the Quarter Cask.

Nose: Buttered toffee, flamed orange peel, toasted walnut, earthy smoke.

Palate: Sweet earthy wood smoke, like hickory smoked demerera sugar. (As an aside, having smoked salt before, can you smoke sugar? I bet smoked sea salt caramels would be goddamned amazing.) Punchy woodsy cinnamon, cereal grains, oily iodine.

Finish: Medium. Stewed fruits with baking spices. The medicinal notes return for a moment, then a bit of oily smokiness hangs with you.

Verdict: As said in yesterday's review, I prefer the Cask Strength now that I've had it. Still, this is mighty tasty. It's sweeter and a bit less earthy than the 10 regular/10 Cask Strength, but it's definitely got enough going on, and hits all the Laphroaig signature notes quite well.

Would I buy this: Yes, I have, and it's good enough for the money that I could easily see myself switching to this from the 10 Cask Strength for a change every once in a while.

Would I order this in a bar: If they didn't have the 10 Cask Strength, I'd probably order this over the basic 10. Both are great, though.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Absolutely.



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