Review #3 - Bunnahabhain Darach Ur

The final review from the small Christmas set a co worker provided me. Bunnahabhain Darach Ur Un Chillfiltered 46.3% Alcohol

Color: Golden. Bunnahabhain's scotches all have beautiful color, I'm unsure if they use caramel coloring. (Added note: it actually says natural colour on the bottle. Someone later pointed this out to me.)

Nose: Grassy. Not much to the nose on this scotch, oddly. Smells a touch sweet.

Palate: Big wood flavors, sweet and a touch spicy. Like a cinnamon caramel. Then the wood comes through again as it slips off your tongue, like a sweet and resinous pine.

Finish: The wood finishes this out, with sweetness. The finish is what I imagine an oak flavored toffee would be.

An interesting dram. Woody and sweet are the main things going on here, which is I guess why it's "New Oak". Looking back I seemed to have felt this tasted like a spiced candy of some sort. Not a bad scotch, but not exactly my thing.


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