Review #27 - Caol Ila 7 Year Red Wine Finish 58.2%

First a big thank you to Randimosity for this sample! A Sunday morning dram. It looks to be a cold and slightly snowy day, and I promised to fire up the smoker for dinner, so I chose something that should be big and bold to start me off. The color is surprising, it looks like a Rosé.

Nose: Red berries, earth and smoke, sweet vinegar, something slightly metallic.

Palate: Sweet smoked fruit, liked BBQ strawberries. Black pepper and savory umami. Salt spray and earth, a bit oily.

Finish: Medium-short. Smoked salt and sweet fruit linger as the hot pepper fades, then drops off pleasantly to leave your tongue a-tingle.

Verdict: Well this was quite the palate wakener. Fantastic dram. It's amazing how the different flavors in the whiskey itself are highlighted when a cask is red wine finished as opposed to sherry finished. I like this a lot.

Would I buy this: Resounding yes. Sadly I see it's an exclusive, so I have to add in shipping, and they don't ship directly to my state. I'll think on it.

Would I order this in a bar: Oh yes.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: They're obviously a great friend. I'd drink it, and give them a hug.

Rating: ★★★★


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