Review #25 - Bunnahabhain 18

Another Saturday, another morning dram. Today's dram of choice is Bunna 18. I like Bunna in general as you can see from my past reviews, but my one issue is the label. That damned captain always makes me want to smoke some Captain Earle's blends, which I can rarely do while also enjoying scotch. What a quandary! Oh well, one vice at a time, I guess. :-D

Nose: Toffee, oakum, brine, chestnuts, ripe plums, nutmeg.

Palate: Deep sherry notes in layers. Caramel sweetness with chestnuts, salt, and baking spices.

Finish: Nice and long. Spicy like allspice, then sweet and warm with hints of salt and sherry nuttiness at the end.

Verdict: Always a fantastic dram. I know some say this is a favorite, but for me it's just too sedate in some ways. It's not lacking complexity, but the complexities are all so related. It's a warm snooze in a comfy chair by the fire on a Sunday afternoon. I love it around Christmas time for exactly that reason.

Rating: ★★★★


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