Review #2 - Bunnahabhain Toiteach

Another review from the small Christmas set a co worker provided me.

Bunnahabhain Toiteach Un Chillfiltered 46% Alcohol

Color: Beautiful straw.

Nose: A hint of smoke, spicy warmth, more peaty earthy smokiness as it warms.

Palate: Sticky fruit, dates, deep smoke, followed by something pleasantly tart.

Finish: The smoke pulls through, followed by a delicious peppery aftertaste. Reminds me of deep english tobacco blends, like Dunhill Nightcap.

Verdict: ★★★
Tasty and smoky. After half the glencairn I added a touch of water. It changed the overall smokiness on the nose, but the flavors didn't change much, they simply softened. This might be one of my favorite heavily peated whiskies I've has in the last 6 months. Recommended.


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