Review #19 - Balvenie Founder's Reserve

I was good today, so I had an after dinner dram as well! Special thanks to t8ke for this sample!

Nose: Pear, graham cracker, toasted hazelnuts, sweet spiced almonds. Vanilla. Takes time to develop. If one of the sherry butts part of this spent time in wasn't amontillado, I'd lose a bet.

Palate: Sweet honey and vanilla. Golden apple. Fiery floral spice. Graham cracker maltiness again, then anise.

Finish: Short sweet vanilla, honey and flowers. A tannic and dry oak ending, but in a good way.

Verdict: They replaced this with Doublewood? More fool they. I don't mind Doublewood, but it's an oaky sweet bourbony sort of thing, lacking any of the layers and complexity this dram has. Were they trying to lure the bourbon crowd, or is it just that sherry finishing is cheaper than sherry butts for long term use? I've no idea. But it makes me sad, having had this. I'd buy this over Doublewood any day. Maybe it's just the 3% extra strength? I don't think so. Well, dammit. It's gone, so no crying over it. It was delicious while this single dram lasted.



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