Review #18 - Old Grand Dad 114

It's again freezing cold and windy outside, so this morning began with a workout in the basement. After a good bit on the elliptical I think I've earned a bourbon! Old Grand-dad 114 sounded like a good reintroduction back to Beam products, since I believe the last Jim Beam whiskey I had was probably White Label somewhere in my early 20s. Having been an Irish Whiskey and Gin drinker at the time, that may well have been what made me decide bourbon wasn't for me. Old Grand-dad, especially at 114 proof, sounded like it should be right up my alley these days. Let's find out!

Nose: Burnt toffee, peanuts, corn, cinnamon, and something slightly floral..marigolds? It's reminiscent of that flower's weirdly spicy buttery floral allure mixed with musty not quite pleasantness.

Palate: Malted caramels, cloves, peanutty yeastiness, and a strong woody oakiness. I now know what people are talking about when they say "Beam peanut funk." I don't mind it at all, but it does show up very large right in the middle of all the other flavors when it hits your tongue.

Finish: Spicy, with a dark fruity undertone, then a leathery driness.

Verdict: This is definitely good, but it feels slightly unbalanced. The flavors come out punching, but it's a bunch of wild swings. Still quite enjoyable, with a mouth watering concentrated hit to the palate.

Would I buy this: If for who knows what reason I couldn't get WT101, I would. But this falls solidly into the WT101 camp as far as taste and quality for me, despite the higher proof here, and I felt like the Turkey had better balance.

Would I order this in a bar: Yes, definitely.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes. And I'd tell stories about my dad. He'd have been a Grand-dad for 15 years now, but he never got to meet her. (Miss you, Da!)

Rating: ★★★


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