Review #11 - Kilkerran 12

Color: Thin honey, pale gold.

Nose: Complex and layered. Woody oak and vanilla, dried fig and aged virginia pipe tobacco, toasted almonds, sour cherries and a hint of wet woodsmoke.

Palate: Sugared orange peel, vanilla, maple syrup, honey, graham cracker. Hints of wet earth and something oily.

Finish: Key lime pie, some sort of oily honey, and a touch of smoked salt. Smooth as silk. Doesn't stay strong forever, but that oiliness doesn't fade either, and it's good.

Verdict: Goodness this is delicious. Seriously, this is amazingly tasty. Very complex, like it is on the nose. The Campbeltown funkiness comes across in how oily and earthy/dirty it can be in the background.

Rating: ★★★★


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