Review #7 - Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 6 year

Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 6 year

My friend t8ke sent me a bunch of samples, and I decided to crack one open yesterday afternoon, because I worked out that morning and was feeling pretty good. He says it's still available, but the distribution area is tiny. I know I've sure never seen a bottle here in the great northern wilderness, but I don't comb the bourbon aisles the same way I do the scotch aisle at my local liquor stores.

(Author's note, it's not available anymore. Heaven Hill discontinued this product. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. It used to be around $11 a bottle.)

Nose: Oak, vanilla, charcoal chips, light caramel, dry hay.

Palate: Sweet spice., corn, hay, virginia pipe tobacco, dried figs, dark cherries.

Finish: Short and dry, baking spices and sweet oak.

Verdict: This tastes like it has more rye in the mash bill, which I really dig. I'm not a huge bourbon guy, but I like this rather a lot. It's easily up with Eagle Rare for me.

Would I buy this: At the price this apparently goes for, absolutely.

Would I order this in a bar: Oh yes.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes, and thankee-sai.



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